// This example shows how to create a LassoSession, set it up for a search, then print out the results.
// This example uses the Employees.fp3 FileMaker Pro database which ships with Lasso.
// write out HTML header using a specified title
function header(title)
<TITLE>', title, '</TITLE>\
// write out HTML footer
function footer()
// initialize a new session using the specified database, table and action
function initializeSession(theDatabase, theTable, theAction)
    // create a new session object
    var theSession = new LassoSession();
    // create a reference to the session's input parameters object
    var theInput = theSession.getInputParameters();
    // set the database name
    theInput.databaseName = theDatabase;
    // set the table/layout name
    theInput.tableName = theTable;
    // set the database action
    theInput.action = theAction;
    // return the new session
    return theSession;
// write out the page header
header('JavaScript Example 2');
// did the default session perform any database activity? 
if (lasso.defaultSession.getInputParameters().action == 'nothing')
    // initialize a new session
    var mySession = initializeSession('Employees.fp3', 'Web', 'findall');
    // set the maximum number of records returned to 10
    mySession.getInputParameters().maxRecords = 10;
    // execute the session
    // create a reference to the default session
    var mySession = lasso.defaultSession;
// was the session executed successfully?
if (mySession.getResultCode() == 0)
    // create a reference to the session's result set
    var mySet = mySession.getResultSet();
    // write out the main table's headers
    write('<table border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2>\
        <th>ID </th>\
        <th>First Name </th>\
        <th>Last Name </th>\
    // loop through each records in the found set
    while (mySet.next())
        // write out the fields values in a table row
        write('    <tr>\
        <td>', mySet['Employee Number'], '</td>\
        <td>', mySet['First Name'], '</td>\
        <td>', mySet['Last Name'], '</td>\
    // create a reference to the URL pointing to the next group of records
    var next = mySession.shown_nextGroupURL();
    // create a reference to the URL pointing to the previous group of records
    var prev = mySession.shown_prevGroupURL();
    // start a sub-table to display the next and previous links
    write('<tr>\n<td colspan=3>\n<table width="100%">\n<tr>\n');
    // is there a previous group of records? 
    if (prev != '')
        // write out a link to the previous group of records
        write('<td align=left> <a href="', prev, '">«</a> </td>\n');
    // is there a next group of records?
    if (next != '')
        // write out a link to the next group of records
        write('<td align=right> <a href="', next, '">»</a> </td>\n');
    // close the sub-table
    // close the main table
    // write out the error message returned when the session was executed
    write('<font color="#b80021" size="4">', mySession.getResultMessage(), '.');
// write out the page footer
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