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JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-based scripting language developed by Netscape for Internet-based client and server applications.

Many developers have already chosen to use JavaScript on the client side (Web browsers, etc.) to create dynamic HTML (DHTML) web pages. Larger-scale applications have more complex needs, such as communicating with relational databases. The Lasso SSJS Module allows Web servers to accomplish these more demanding tasks using server-side JavaScript.

Client-side JavaScript is comprised of the core JavaScript language plus extras such as certain predefined objects which are only relevant when running JavaScript in a Web browser. Server-side JavaScript encompasses the same core language plus extras such as certain predefined objects and functions which are only relevant to running JavaScript on a server. The Lasso SSJS Module allows developers to publish databases on the web using server-side JavaScript instead of-or in addition to-the Lasso Dynamic Markup Language (LDML).

The Lasso SSJS Module implementation closely follows the object model introduced by Netscape's LiveWire Database Service. In addition to the standard math, date, string, array, regular expression, operators and controls statements provided by the core JavaScript language, the LSSJS Module implements a set of Lasso Objects which can be used to access FileMaker Pro and ODBC databases via the Lasso Web Data Engine.

On the server, all JavaScript source is integrated directly into HTML pages, facilitating rapid development and easy maintenance. Of course, HTML pages with server-side JavaScript can also include client-side JavaScript. Using the Lasso JavaScript Objects, developers can easily embed database queries (search, add, update, delete, etc.) as well as dynamically display result sets.

The Lasso JavaScript Objects allow developers to:

Access global properties and functions, including:

Access global Lasso properties and functions, including:


Lasso JavaScript Objects Reference
Description, syntax and examples for all of Lasso's JavaScript objects, methods and properties .

Learn how to use server-side JavaScript and Lasso, step-by-step.

Lasso JavaScript Object Road Map
The complete list of Lasso's server-side JavaScript functions, objects, methods, and properties.

JavaScript References

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